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Sunnyside Title Company of NJ


is a fully-licensed New Jersey Title Insurance and Settlement Agent dedicated to providing professional title and title-related services to attorneys, lenders, and real estate professionals. We are a full-service title company committed to excellence in both residential and commercial property transactions.

Our title company

Founded in 2018 by Robert Viggiano and Angela Viggiano, Sunnyside Title Agency, named after Sunnyside Queens, is headquartered in Bergen County, NJ. We are from here, live here, and love serving our local NJ communities and the rest of the communities in New York. We are proud of our expertise in residential and commercial title insurance and provide consistently fast and accurate turnaround for all your needs. We understand your need for customer service and speed. Sunnyside Title Agency of NJ is truly the standard of excellence. We are proud of our team's willingness to go the extra mile to provide excellent insurance service. Whether you’re an attorney, realtor, mortgage broker new home buyer, you can expect the same integrity, honesty, and attention from our NJ title company.

Our title agency's goal

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and satisfaction in their real estate & escrow needs. As a family-owned NJ title company, it is important for us to provide hands-on service and to be at the technological forefront of our profession. We hold honesty, work ethic, responsiveness, and integrity as pillars of our agency's mission of providing the title services our clients need.


The Sunnyside Title company of New Jersey is recognized by residential and commercial real estate lawyers, paralegals, and staff as a valuable partner, facilitator, and resource in the real estate transaction and title insurance.

Speed. Accuracy. Experience

As a title company, Sunnyside Title acts as a neutral third party in the closing transaction. We work with all parties, including the buyer, seller, real estate agents, lenders, surveyors, and others, to bring the transaction to the closing table.


Once you have a sales contract, Sunnyside Title Agency can handle the transaction from title insurance work to closing.

Our People

The Sunnyside Title NJ Agency has assembled an experienced team of examiners, escrow officers, and one attorney with over 30 years of experience to help the real estate attorney and paralegal resolve title-related problems efficiently and professionally. Moreover, you will experience a smoother transaction and have greater peace of mind when you work with our title company. Day in and day out, we will earn your trust by consistently offering you exceptional service and the highest quality title work.


Title Insurance | Most asked questions

1Is title insurance required in NJ?
Title Insurance for Real Estate Purchases in New Jersey is not required by law. Still, it is highly recommended. A lender always requires a title insurance policy. Title Insurance protects both the owner(s), the borrower(s), and Lender if both owner and lender insurance have been purchased.
2What is the title company responsible for?
The function of the title company is to validate the deed from seller to buyer is accurately transferred
3How important is title insurance?
An owner’s title insurance policy is your best safeguard against possible defects that can stay concealed despite the most careful search of public records. A lender's title insurance policy protects your mortgage lender's interest.
4What problems does title insurance cover?
Title insurance policies protect home buyers and lenders from damages caused by a deficient title. Title insurance policies may cover all the common claims filed against a title, including back taxes, outstanding liens, and conflicting wills.
5How long is a title insurance policy suitable for?
The lender's title insurance policy stays until the mortgage is fully paid. The owner's title insurance policy lasts if you or your heirs keep an interest in the property.
6What are the main two types of title insurance?
There are two types of title insurance policies. The owner's title insurance or Owner's Policy protects the buyer, and the lender's title insurance or Loan Policy covers the lender.
7Does it matter which title company I choose?
Yes, be sure to choose a reputable one! The title agency that you choose can significantly impact the closing process. It can establish whether a property sale or purchase will be successful or not. In NJ, the buyer can select their specific title company.
8Is a title company the same as a closing company?
A title agent is a licensed insurance agent who issues title insurance to buyers and lenders. A closing agent is a person who is present at the closing table with the buyer/seller/borrower. The closing agent verifies documents and assists with answers and explanations to the involved parties.
9Who pays for title insurance in NJ?
Usually, the buyer pays for the title insurance premium on both the owner and the lender's policy. The title insurance premium is a portion of the closing fee. In NJ, the lender's policy expense is only a small fee of the owner's title insurance premium.
10Who picks the title insurance company in NJ?
The buyer's real estate attorney employs a title insurance company to perform an examination of the title and to conclude whether the property can be legally transferred free and clear of any liens or defects in its title.
11How do you prove you own your home?
For homeownership proof, you may produce any of the following documentation. • Deed or title. • Mortgage. • Homeowners insurance. • Property tax receipt or bill. • Manufactured home certificate or title. • Home purchase contracts. • Last will (with death certificate) naming you heir to the property.
12Is a deed the same as a title?
A deed is a legally written document stating a person's legal property ownership. A title denotes the concept of ownership rights.
13What documents does a title company needs?
At the closing, the following documents are needed. • Promissory Note (if applicable) • Mortgage and associated loan documents (if applicable) • Owner's Title Insurance Policy. • Closing Disclosure and ALTA Settlement Statement. • Affidavits and miscellaneous documents to purchase the property. • Personal identification documents.
14Should both spouses be on house title?
It is unnecessary, as the right of occupation is automatic because New Jersey is a marital state. If a couple occupies a property as their primary residence, it’s 50/50 ownership, irrespective of who is on the title/deed.
15Can you close on a house electronically?
Even after electronically signing documents, most mortgage e-closings still entail in-person and face-to-face meetings.
16What is a Ron closing?
Remote Online Notarization (RON) closing is an online electronic closing, where the notary and signer meet via an audio/video conference call. The documents will have an electronic signature and electronic notarization.
17What is the process of a title company?
Title companies handle the closing of your home. This service is called: settlement. They employ a signing agent or real estate attorney to review all closing documents to transfer the deed and title between the buyer and seller.
18Is a title insurance company the same as an escrow company?
No, they are not the same. But a title insurance company may offer escrow services. The money placed into an escrow account can be managed for you during the closing process by the title company. A title company may handle several other services associated with property purchase.

You will be in great hands working with Sunnyside Title Agency on your next purchase or refinance. Just ask your real estate specialists to use our title company's expertise.

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